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    Updated Apr. 2016
    The Dreamscaping Series offers an option to illustrate and orchestrate your Dreams or Visions for viewing in VR or 360 video!

    Open to all kinds of ideas that can grow the Series, perhaps you are an artist who would like to see what your 2D work looks like rendered inside a full 3D 360 VR experience ("Where Spheres Touch VR" is actually based on a 2D painting) or perhaps you have had a lucid dream you want to share more precisely.

    Incredible environments can be created as 360 art and music videos or made into fully interactive experiences for viewing in a VR Headset like the Oculus Rift. Each proposal is looked at carefully for how clearly it may translate into a virtual reality experience.

    Send an email to the address below for details and feedback on the possibilities for realizing your dream or vision inside VR.

    All emails held in confidence.
    Contact: artist3d@dreamscaping.com

    • Virtual Reality Dreamscapes for the Oculus Rift.
      Non-violent, self-directed other-worldly experiences.

    Where Spheres Touch VR and Islands in Space VR are both Oculus Rift CV1 music experiences designed by the artist. They provide interactive, 360 environments that reflect the music and vision of the albums included. They are not games, however, there is a jetpack provided for exploring unique aerial perspectives.

    Suitable for all ages. Enjoy!

    FREE Music and VR Sampler Oculus Rift App 'Jerzy's Galaxy'

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